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Indiana Arbitration Attorney

In order to avoid costly and lengthy litigation in family court, many Indiana spouses and parents have opted for various forms of alternative dispute resolution to resolve their issues. arbitration This, along with hiring a knowledgeable Indianapolis arbitration attorney, allows them to focus on family, reduce conflict, and swiftly and effectively compromise on matters of great importance, such as division of assets or child custody. There are many types of alternative dispute resolution, such as settlement agreements, mediation, and arbitration. Family law arbitration is a special procedure in which parties enter into binding agreements that avoid court interference. The Indiana Code has special provisions that dictate rules for arbitration, as well as when arbitration can be used. Arbitration is not for everyone. Therefore, it is important to consult with a seasoned arbitration lawyer with experience in both family law and arbitration in order to determine what course of action would work best for your family.

Eskew Law LLC has a team of talented and zealous Indianapolis family law attorneys who have dedicated their careers to helping families find solutions and end conflict. We can help you tackle stressful matters such as negotiating visitation schedules and coordinating divorces. To speak with one of our lawyers today, call our office at (317) 974-0177 to schedule a consultation.

What Is Arbitration?

Arbitration is but one form of alternative dispute resolution. It works outside of the judicial process but has a binding effect. Similarly to mediation, parties work together to compromise. However, unlike mediation, which is non-binding, parties who come to an agreement during arbitration must follow that agreement. Special attorneys or judges act as arbitrators in facilitating the discussion and drafting agreements.

Arbitration is not right for everyone. In order to succeed in arbitration, you and the other party must be willing and able to come to an agreement. If this is not possible, litigation may be the best route for your case. A licensed and skilled family law attorney can counsel you on what option best matches your needs and goals. However, pursuing arbitration and hiring a dedicated Indianapolis arbitration attorney, does have many benefits over litigation, including:

  • Confidentiality and privacy
  • Control over the outcome
  • Faster than litigation
  • Less expensive than litigation
  • Streamlining of issues is possible
  • Binding and final – no appeals or further disputes after the agreement is reached

Family Law Arbitration

Section 34-57-5 of the Indiana Code permits individuals to opt into arbitration in lieu of family law litigation. Family law arbitration can be used for:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Parenting time or visitation
  • Modifying an order or judgment

In order to participate in family law arbitration, the parties first submit an agreement to arbitrate with the family law court. An attorney must be designated as the family law arbitrators. Eskew Law LLC provides skilled Indianapolis arbitration lawyers who are experienced in overseeing arbitrations and can help guide you and the other party through the process.

When the court accepts the agreement to arbitrate, the case then leaves the jurisdiction of the court and enters arbitration. The parties will meet, often times for numerous conversations, until an agreement is reached.

To be eligible for arbitration, you or the other party must simply be an Indiana resident, residing in the state for at least the last six months. In addition, your agreement must conform with the law.

An Indianapolis Arbitration Attorney Can Help Your Family with Stressful Decisions

If you are interested in exploring arbitration in order to resolve a family law conflict, contact Eskew Law LLC’s knowledgeable Indianapolis family law attorneys. We will evaluate your situation to determine if arbitration is your best option and can facilitate negotiations by acting as the family law arbitrator. We take this privilege and responsibility seriously for all of our clients throughout Indianapolis and Central Indiana. To discuss your case today, call Eskew Law LLC at (317) 974-0177 now or contact us online.