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car driving on freewayIn life, a mere moment can change everything. Auto accidents happen quickly. You might not even see it coming. In a flash, your whole world turns upside down.  All accidents, including minor accidents, can result in serious injuries and profoundly affect your life. Most auto accidents in Indiana happen because of careless drivers. These are people who don’t mean to cause anyone harm, but through dangerous or inattentive driving, they accidentally bring about an injury.

If you’re suffering after an auto accident, another driver’s negligence might be to blame. And that means you’re entitled to financial compensation for your damages pursuant to state law — even if the crash happened entirely by accident.

Unfortunately, insurance companies rarely pay full and complete damages owed to the injured party in a timely manner.  Frustratingly, they tend to stick their heads in the proverbial sands, refusing to pay accident victims what they’re owed until threatened with legal action.  Further, insurance company may not tell you about all of your rights and they are certainly are not looking out for the interests of the injured.

At Eskew Law, we work with the people of Indianapolis and Marion County — and all across The Hoosier State — to fight back against unfair insurance companies, careless vehicle manufacturers, and dangerous drivers.

There are many kinds of auto accidents. Some involve cars and others involve much larger vehicles, like commercial trucks. Motorcycles, bicycles, Uber ride-sharing vehicles, company cars, and more — accidents can happen in almost any scenario. Most pedestrian injuries fall within the category of auto accidents too.

The Indianapolis auto accident attorneys at Eskew Law can help with these or any other automotive injuries. Our lead attorney, Chris Eskew, and his talented team of attorneys are ready to stand up for you. We’ll fight to maximize your compensation from every available source. We’ll take the aggressive stance you need to get real, true justice.

It’s important that you not make assumptions about the value or merits of your claim before talking to an attorney. While not every car crash needs legal action, many do. If you don’t take a moment to learn about your legal rights, you could lose out on the money you need to get back on the right track. And because Indiana imposes time limits on auto accident claims, if you wait too long to get started, you could lose your opportunity at justice forever.

Our Indianapolis auto accident lawyers are excellent at what we do and provide thoughtful representation. We know how to support you during your hour of need, to shoulder your burdens, and effectively put pressure on the other side.

In fact, most often, we are able to settle our client’s claims in their favor without even having to go to court — though we’re always ready for a trial if that’s what it takes to put you in the best possible position for tomorrow. And you don’t have to pay us a penny unless we get you results.

Testimonial: “AWESOME JOB!!”

“Chris and his staff were by far some of the best!! I have used other lawyers for other services and none of them have kept me informed the way that this firm did!! We could not have asked for a better lawyer to handle our case!! We got the best possible result we could have and if he were not involved it would not have happened!! Thanks again!!”

-Val & Hil

Testimonial: “Chris Eskew is the epitome of what you would want from an attorney.”

“Honest, hardworking, very upfront about the possibilities and genuinely cares about you, your family, and especially your results. He answered all of my questions and kept me informed of procedures along the way. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mr. Eskew and any of his associates.”

-Anonymous Client

Car Accidents

Most auto accidents involve two-door to four-door passenger cars, pickup trucks, or SUVs. In other words, these are the everyday vehicles you and your family use to get around town. When drivers speed, run red lights, text behind the wheel, or otherwise drive negligently, serious injuries can happen. We can help. Learn more.

Motorcycle Accidents

Most motorcycle accidents are caused by someone other than the motorcyclist. Unfortunately, drivers tend to disregard bikers. They might have trouble seeing the motorcycle (or forget to look for one altogether). Some drivers even have a bad attitude toward sharing the road with bikers, even though they have a right to be there. As a result, motorcycle accidents are entirely too common. And because bikers have relatively little protection, the injuries tend to be severe. Learn more.

Trucking Accidents

If you’ve spent any time on Indiana’s Interstates or the highways of Indianapolis, you know what it’s like to drive alongside a big truck, like a semi-truck or a transfer-trailer truck. Because of their size, these vehicles are vulnerable to unique kinds of auto accidents, and their impact can be catastrophic or even fatal. Accordingly, these cases often involve complex fact patterns and potentially large sums of money to compensate your damages. Learn more.

Commercial 18-Wheeler Accidents

18-wheelers are among the most dangerous kinds of commercial trucks. They are harder to drive, harder to stop, harder to see around, and harder to bring back under control when something goes wrong. For those reasons and others, 18-wheeler accidents are typically very serious accidents and are a source of real concern. Learn more.

Delivery Vehicle Accidents

Delivery trucks and vans are smaller than most 18-wheelers, but they still pose a real threat. That’s due in part to where we find these vehicles: on local roads and in our own neighborhoods. Did you know delivery trucks used by companies like UPS and FedEx are federally regulated? Learn more.

Garbage Truck Accidents

Garbage trucks and dump trucks are different than most other vehicles. Rather than transporting people from Point A to Point B in a short period of time, these vehicles are intended to start and stop frequently along a shorter route. Along the way, they use mechanized tools to dispose of waste. These unique paths and moving parts can spell danger for children, pedestrians, senior citizens, and even the garbage disposal workers themselves. Learn more.

Uber Accidents

Ridesharing is becoming increasingly popular in Indianapolis. Our citizens rely on Lyft, Uber, and other such services to get around town in the modern age. While these technologies have been a benefit in many ways, the vehicles involved are still vulnerable to auto accidents. When those happen, the victims can have a harder time getting the money they deserve because so many parties are involved. The law governing Uber accidents is evolving all the time. We can help you explore your options. Learn more.

Drunk Driving Accidents

It is incredibly disheartening to know that so many people in Indianapolis choose to drive while drunk or under the influence of either legal medications or illicit drugs. Driving while impaired puts everyone in mortal danger. Indeed, the price is often serious injury or death. If you or someone you love has been the victim of a DUI, DWI, or OWI accident in Indiana, our firm is here for you. Learn more.

Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions account for the majority of auto accidents, and they can happen with any kind of vehicle. They might transpire in a low-speed parking lot or a high-speed interstate. Either way, if you’ve suffered injuries, you deserve effective legal representation to get the compensation that you deserve.  Learn more.

FAQ: How Do Most Indianapolis Auto Accidents Happen?

As hard as it is to believe, almost every auto accident in our city (and the world) could be avoided if drivers were simply more careful. The most common causes of vehicle accidents in Indianapolis and greater Marion County include:

  • Speeding
  • Texting while driving / distracted driving
  • Drunk or drugged driving
  • Drowsy driving
  • Failure to follow the rules of the road
  • Poor automotive maintenance
  • Running red lights/stop signs
  • Aggressive driving (e.g. tailgating, road rage, lane weaving)
  • Failure to yield to pedestrians
  • Failure to adjust driving for bad weather

FAQ: Which Damages Can I Sue for After a Vehicle Accident in Indiana?

The total value of your case is determined by the damages you’ve suffered, how serious they are, and how much money it would take to compensate you for your losses. Determining that amount of money isn’t always easy or straightforward, and as your legal counsel, it would be our job to aggressively fight to maximize those amounts down to the last penny.

Under Indiana law, vehicle collision victims (including pedestrians) can be reimbursed for many kinds of damages, depending on the circumstances of their accident. These might include:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages due to time away from work
  • Future loss of income
  • Rehabilitation/Therapy expenses
  • Property damage
  • Loss of love and support (in the event of wrongful death)
  • Any other relevant damages

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Irresponsible drivers are dangerous and their insurance companies routinely look out for themselves and their pocketbook. For that matter, your own insurance company is focused on its bottom line too. But at Eskew Law, we’re fighting for you. We are here to advocate for our clients and aggressively pursue the largest amount of compensation available to them under Indiana state law.

When you hire us, you will not have to pay a fee for our services unless we get you money first. Time matters. Explore your options by scheduling a free case review today. Dial 317-974-0177 or contact us online.