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Aggressive Legal Representation for Garbage Truck Accident Victims in Indianapolis, Indiana

Central Indiana Garbage Truck Accidents Attorney

Waste disposal is an essential service, and Indianapolis is a cleaner city because of it. It is just as essential, however, that the men and women who operate waste disposal vehicles do so responsibly. Garbage truck accidents are surprisingly common, and the impact can be devastating for victims and their families.

The City of Indianapolis is serviced by several different waste disposal organizations. The largest is Republic Services (headquartered in Arizona but also operating in Indiana). Depending on where you live, you might receive services from a different provider.

Negligence among garbage truck operators is so frightening because these garbage trucks enter our neighborhoods. They stop outside our front doors. They use the same roads our children play on. And we find them all over the city, across the county, and throughout the greater metro area.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a garbage truck accident, you may be entitled to substantial financial relief.

Sadly, like many companies, garbage disposal companies in the United States can be quick to blame the victims. In an effort to protect themselves from liability, they might go to great lengths to deprive you of justice — even if they’re at fault. And often, the operators are at fault.

Similarly, the insurance companies can be equally problematic for victims… even if they sound nice on the phone. If you’re suffering after a garbage truck accident, the insurance company is not on your side.  Talk to us first to advocate and fight for your interests.

The Indianapolis truck accident lawyers at Eskew Law are here for you. Our law firm stands for the rights of unfairly injured motorists, passengers, and pedestrians. That includes your financial rights.

Let us help you. Contact our office to talk about your options right away.

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FAQ: Why Are Garbage Truck Accidents So Dangerous?

Garbage truck accidents can happen anywhere, but most transpire in residential areas — neighborhoods, school zones, curbsides, city streets, near parks, and along local Indianapolis highways.

It’s important to realize that garbage trucks behave differently than other vehicles, and they operate for a different purpose.

Rather than transporting passengers to a destination as quickly as possible, garbage trucks frequently start and stop. Their workers quickly hop in and out of the truck, and they might try to accomplish their tasks along a single street in a short amount of time.

As a result, these drivers sometimes move haphazardly down the road, perhaps without being able to see clearly around them. They also drive in reverse (back up) more often than over vehicles, sometimes with little warning.

Additionally, garbage trucks contain unique motorized features that can cause injury. If trash or debris falls from the truck, the cargo can cause additional injury.

FAQ: Who Are the Most Common Victims of Garbage Truck Injuries?

Anyone can fall victim to a garbage truck accident. These cases might involve:

  • Children
  • Senior citizens
  • Pets
  • Disabled people
  • Employees of the waste disposal company
  • Pedestrians
  • Bicyclists
  • Motorcyclists
  • Drivers and passengers in other cars

Even if you work for the garbage company, you might be entitled to a claim for monetary compensation from your employer. Our Indianapolis trucking accident attorneys can help.

FAQ: Do You Also Help with Dump Truck Accidents?

Dump trucks are similar to garbage trucks, and those terms are sometimes used interchangeably. In fact, many different types of vehicles are used in the course of Indianapolis waste disposal. Eskew Law can help with accidents involving any of these vehicles.

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