Experienced Criminal Defense Trial Attorney

Ben Jaffe is one of the most experienced trial attorneys in Indiana, handling some of the most difficult high-profile cases in the State. Ben’s impressive trial record includes more than 120 jury trials, with over 100 at the major felony level. He has a well-earned reputation for being a respected and persuasive litigator.

Ben’s strengths are his outstanding ability to understand all sides of a legal issue and to present well-thought-out arguments that strengthen his client’s position. This, coupled with his gift for communicating effectively with jurors and judges, has led to a track record of impressive results in the courtroom. He understands that cheap theatrics are not effective in court; instead, his effective litigation style, based on superior legal analysis and strategy, has won the respect of clients and colleagues alike. His trial advocacy skills are bolstered by his astute negotiating techniques, often allowing him to work effectively with opposing counsel to resolve cases without the expense and risk of going to trial.

Although he has a well-earned reputation for being a tough trial lawyer, Ben also brings a unique spirit of compassion to the practice of law. One of seven children raised by a single mother in tough circumstances, Ben knows firsthand the plight of the most disadvantaged members of society. That’s why he has devoted over 25 years to fighting for just on behalf of vulnerable clients who might otherwise be at risk for abuse within the legal system.

Ben knew from an early age that a defense career was his calling in life. After graduating from Terre Haute North High School, he attended Indiana University, earning a dual Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and African-American Studies. He continued his education at the Indiana University School of Law in Bloomington, Indiana, where he earned his Juris Doctor in 1999. While in law school, Ben consistently demonstrated excellence in his criminal law coursework. He gained faculty recognition for outstanding performance in his first-year Criminal Law class, and he achieved the highest grade of all the students in his Federal Criminal Law course. Ben also served as a certified legal intern, and Guardian Ad Litem, for the Indiana University Child Advocacy
Clinic, where he protected the rights of children in high-conflict domestic relations matters.

Prior to joining Eskew Law, Ben was a major felony trial attorney with the Marion County Public Defender Agency, where he handled everything from minor infractions to murder trials for nearly 20 years. He readily shares his wealth of knowledge and experience with other members of the legal community. As a well-respected authority on criminal law topics, he has been invited on many occasions to present Continuing Legal Education lectures to criminal defense organizations.

Ben has dedicated his entire career to defending clients in criminal matters, so he knows how intimidating and frightening it is to be on the wrong side of the law. If you happen to find yourself in that position, reach out to Ben at Eskew Law.