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In Indiana, sexual assault charges carry severe consequences that can impact an individual’s life profoundly. The state’s legal system defines sexual assault broadly, encompassing various forms of non-consensual sexual conduct that are prosecuted vigorously.

Convictions can lead to significant prison time, hefty fines, and lasting damage to one’s reputation and relationships. Anyone facing these charges should seek skilled legal representation immediately to navigate this challenging process and safeguard their rights.

Eskew Law, LLC, a distinguished boutique law firm in Indianapolis, provides dedicated legal services in criminal defense, including sexual assault cases. With a team of five committed attorneys, the firm offers personalized attention to each client’s unique situation.

If you or someone you know is confronting sexual assault charges, contacting Eskew Law, LLC for a free consultation is a critical step toward understanding your legal options and ensuring your case is handled with the care and urgency it deserves. 

Types of Sexual Assault Cases We Handle

Facing sexual assault allegations in Indianapolis can be a daunting and complex ordeal. In such situations, an experienced Indianapolis sexual assault lawyer becomes essential.

Our attorneys are well-versed in managing the subtleties of each case. They deliver strategic defenses that safeguard your rights and future. 


Rape in Indiana is defined as non-consensual sexual intercourse, characterized by the use of force, the threat of force, or when the victim is mentally disabled or unaware that the act is occurring. Rape is generally a Level 3 felony, but can become a Level 1 felony if the perpetrator:

  • Committed the crime using or threatening the use of deadly force,
  • Committed the crime while armed with a deadly weapon,
  • Causes bodily harm to anyone other than themself or a co-defendant, or
  • Facilitates the crime by giving the victim a controlled substance without the victim’s knowledge.

A conviction can lead to severe penalties, including lengthy prison terms. Our attorneys are prepared to tackle these challenging allegations, ensuring a robust defense is mounted on your behalf.

Criminal Deviate Conduct 

Previously known as criminal deviate conduct and now categorized under the rape statute, this offense involves compelled sexual acts, other than intercourse, through force or lack of consent.

Specifically, it’s a compelled sexual act involving the sex organs of one person and the mouth or anus of another, or the penetration of one person’s anus or sex organ with an object. As this falls under the rape statute now, the potential penalties are the same. 

Sexual Battery

Sexual battery in Indiana refers to touching another person’s genitals, buttocks, or female breasts when that person is compelled by force or is unaware that the touching is occurring. It is a lesser offense than rape, but still carries significant penalties.

Child Molestation

Child molestation involves any sexual activity with a child under 14, where consent is not legally possible. These cases are particularly sensitive and, like rape, is a Level 3 felony. It rises to a Level 1 felony if the perpetrator:

  • Was 21 or older at the time of the crime,
  • Used force, the threat of force, or a deadly weapon,
  • Caused serious bodily injury,
  • Used a controlled substance to effectuate the molestation without the victim’s knowledge, or
  • Passed a sexually transmitted disease they knew they had to the victim.

Understanding the various types of sexual assault cases and the laws that govern them is only the first step. You need the guidance of a knowledgeable Indianapolis sexual assault lawyer to navigate these challenging situations effectively. 

Outstanding service! I couldn't be happier with the results.

– Ralph

How to Find an Experienced Indianapolis Sexual Assault Attorney

Finding an experienced sexual assault attorney in Indianapolis can feel overwhelming, especially when the stakes are so high. Choosing the right attorney is crucial, as the right legal counsel can significantly affect the outcome of your case. Let’s discuss some characteristics you will want to look for when considering who to hire to protect your rights.

Knowing Local Laws and the Legal Community

Look for an attorney with a deep understanding of Indiana’s sexual assault statutes and local court procedures. Local jurisdictions have specific characteristics, and if your attorney regularly practices in the local area, they will be familiar with the prosecutors, judges, and how the court system in that area works.

This may not seem important, but the more familiar your attorney is with the local legal community, the better it is for you. Having a good reputation in court goes a long way. It helps streamline your case and often results in a better outcome.

Track Record of Success

Evaluate potential attorneys based on their track record. This is an important indicator of the lawyer’s effectiveness and dedication. You want someone who has successfully handled sexual assault cases in Indianapolis, showing that they can manage both the complexities of the law and the challenges of local jurisdictions. 

Commitment to Clients

Choose an attorney who demonstrates a genuine commitment to their clients. This means they should be responsive to your concerns, communicative about the progress of your case, and proactive in their approach.

At the initial consultation, do not be afraid to ask questions. Read the testimonials of past clients. An attorney who shows dedication to your case will work tirelessly to protect your rights and ensure your voice is heard.

Strong Communication Skills

It’s essential to have an attorney who communicates clearly and effectively. This makes the legal process more transparent for you and ensures that your case is presented strongly in court. At the initial consultation, ask the attorney what protocols they have in place to communicate with clients.

Try to get a sense of whether the office is responsive to client inquiries and whether they have an effective protocol for handling such inquiries. Effective communication can often influence the outcome of a trial, making it a critical quality in your chosen legal representative.


If your lawyer has taken on too many other cases, they might not have the proper amount of time to work on yours. You don’t want an attorney who is overwhelmed with a high volume of cases.

We are all only human, and there are only so many hours in a day. Do your best to ensure that the firm you choose has the time and desire to dedicate the necessary time to properly handle your case.

Finding the right attorney in Indianapolis to handle a sexual assault charge involves careful consideration of all of the above factors. Take the time to ensure that any potential attorney understands the law and is committed to achieving the best possible outcome for you.

Remember, the right attorney is not just a legal advisor, but also your advocate and ally in what can be a challenging journey. The dedicated criminal defense attorneys at Eskew Law, LLC have a proven track record of success and are deeply committed to providing aggressive advocacy to those facing felony sex crimes. 

Have You Been Charged with an Indiana Sex Crime?

If you were recently arrested and charged with a sexual offense, it’s normal to feel as though your world has been turned upside down. However, it is important you realize that you have options.

At the Indianapolis sexual assault law firm of Eskew Law, LLC, we have extensive experience defending the rights, liberties, and freedom of clients charged with rape, sexual battery, and other sex crimes. To schedule an initial consultation with our team, call today. You can also reach us through our secure online contact form.

Next Steps

1. Consultation Meet with the attorney to discuss your legal issue. This initial meeting helps you understand their expertise and decide if they're the right fit.
2. Agreement Review and sign a retainer agreement. This contract outlines the services, fees, and other essential terms.
3. Documents Gather and provide all relevant documents related to your case. This step helps your attorney build your case efficiently.
4. Communication Set expectations for how and when you'll communicate with your attorney. Clear communication ensures that you stay informed throughout the process.

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