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Facing homicide charges in Indianapolis demands the immediate attention of a knowledgeable attorney. Homicide, defined as the deliberate or accidental killing of one person by another, carries severe penalties that could include extensive prison time or even life sentences.

Given the gravity of such charges, it is essential to have an attorney who can effectively manage the complexities of your case, protect your rights, and aim for the best possible legal outcome.

If you or someone you know is accused of homicide, turn to Eskew Law, LLC for excellent legal representation. As a leading boutique law firm in Indianapolis, we have a focused team of five attorneys dedicated to criminal defense, ensuring tailored and effective legal support for each client.

At Eskew Law, LLC, we value reliability, accessibility, and trustworthiness. We understand the serious nature of your circumstances and are ready to support you at every step. Contact an Indianapolis homicide defense attorney on our team for a free consultation to discuss your case.

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Indiana Homicide Charges

In 2023, Indiana witnessed 628 homicides, with Indianapolis accounting for 219 of these incidents. Of these homicides, 157 led to arrests. In a climate where law enforcement aggressively pursues arrests and convictions, it’s crucial to have a skilled attorney actively representing and defending your rights.

Understanding the various types of homicide charges will help you assess your situation. Having legal representation ensures that your side of the story is heard, and your rights are upheld throughout the legal process.

Types of Homicide Offenses

In Indianapolis, each type of homicide offense carries distinct penalties and requires a nuanced approach to defense.


Murder involves intentionally killing another person and the killing of another during the commission of certain crimes listed in the statute.

This is the most severe homicide charge and carries the heaviest penalties. In Indiana, a murder conviction can result in a sentence of 45 to 65 years in prison, and in some cases, prosecutors could seek the death penalty or life without parole.

Voluntary Manslaughter

Voluntary manslaughter occurs when a person kills another in the heat of passion triggered by provocation that could cause a reasonable person to become emotionally or mentally disturbed and incited towards violence.

The penalty for voluntary manslaughter can range from 20 to 40 years in prison. An example of this might be a person who, upon discovering their spouse being intimate with another person, reacts violently and fatally injures the spouse.

Involuntary Manslaughter

This charge applies when a killing is unintentional but occurs as a result of reckless behavior or during the commission of certain other crimes that pose an inherent risk of serious bodily injury.

The penalties for involuntary manslaughter typically range from 2 to 12 years in prison. For instance, if a person recklessly handles a firearm in a crowded area, resulting in a death, they may face charges of involuntary manslaughter.

Reckless Homicide

Reckless homicide in Indiana is defined as causing the death of another person by recklessly performing an act that poses a substantial risk of bodily injury or death. This charge is often brought in cases involving fatal traffic accidents where negligence is evident, but there is no intent to kill.

The penalties for reckless homicide can vary, but generally involve a prison sentence ranging from 1 to 6 years. An example of reckless homicide would be a driver who excessively speeds through a school zone, resulting in a fatal collision with a pedestrian. This type of conduct demonstrates a disregard for the safety of others, fitting the criteria for reckless homicide under Indiana law.

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Defenses to Homicide Charges

Defending against homicide charges involves a range of strategies tailored to the specifics of the case. An effective defense can significantly impact the outcome, potentially reducing charges or resulting in a not-guilty verdict. Below are several potential defenses used in homicide cases:

  • Self-defense. Arguably, the most recognized defense, self-defense, is applicable when you believe your actions were necessary to protect yourself from imminent harm or death. The defense must show that the threat was immediate and that the response was proportionate to the threat.
  • Accident. This may apply in situations where death resulted from an accidental act without any criminal intent or recklessness. The defense must demonstrate that the incident was genuinely accidental and not due to negligent or reckless behavior.
  • Insanity. Although challenging to show, the insanity defense can be effective. The defense team would need to demonstrate that you were incapable of understanding the nature of your actions or distinguishing right from wrong at the time of the incident for this defense to be successful.
  • Alibi. A credible alibi can prove that you were not present at the time and location of the crime.
  • Mistake of fact. This defense applies when a person has a reasonable, albeit incorrect, belief about a fact that negates an element of the crime.

Each defense requires a presentation of evidence and often relies on expert testimony, character witnesses, and cross-examination of prosecution witnesses.

Once the defense raises such a defense, the burden of proof shifts back to the prosecution—who must then show that the defense does not apply before they can get a conviction. If the prosecution cannot refute the defense, the jury should acquit you of the charges.

What to Look for in an Indianapolis Homicide Defense Attorney

Choosing the right homicide defense attorney will help ensure a strong defense. When selecting an attorney, focus on finding someone reliable, accessible, trustworthy, and deeply committed to your case. Here are some factors to consider.

Reputation and Client Testimonials

Seek out attorneys who are highly regarded in the legal community and who have positive feedback from previous clients. Testimonials can provide insight into an attorney’s effectiveness and ability to manage complex legal issues.

Transparency and Honesty

It’s best to work with an Indianapolis homicide defense lawyer who maintains open communication and gives you transparent and honest information about your case.

You’ll want to know the realistic chances of success, how long the process might take, and what the potential outcomes could be. At Eskew Law, LLC, you can expect your attorney to provide straightforward answers to all your questions, ensuring you understand every aspect of your case.

Simplifying the Legal Process

Look for an attorney who can demystify your legal proceedings, making complex legal terms and procedures understandable. If your attorney can explain legal concepts in an understandable way, this can significantly reduce your stress and confusion.

Negotiation and Trial Readiness

Many people want to avoid the stress and expense of a trial. Your attorney should be a skilled negotiator, as this can help them resolve the case without trial.

However, if a trial becomes necessary, they must also be prepared and willing to aggressively represent you in court. Adapting to both scenarios is a hallmark of a skilled homicide defense attorney.

By choosing a lawyer who embodies these qualities, you position yourself to navigate the legal system more effectively.

When Your Life’s on the Line, Eskew Law, PLLC Is Here to Help

If you’ve recently been charged with a homicide offense, your life is quite literally on the line. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you work with a knowledgeable attorney who will take your case as seriously as you do.

At Eskew Law, LLC, we’ve assembled a dedicated team of Indianapolis homicide lawyers who are uniquely committed to defending clients charged with murder and manslaughter offenses.

We have been aggressively representing clients in homicide cases for over 10 years, and we know what it takes to secure the outcome you are looking for. To schedule a free consultation, call Eskew Law, LLC, or connect with us through our secure online contact form.

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3. Documents Gather and provide all relevant documents related to your case. This step helps your attorney build your case efficiently.
4. Communication Set expectations for how and when you'll communicate with your attorney. Clear communication ensures that you stay informed throughout the process.

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