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When you go to the doctor, dentist, or hospital, you expect them to help you get better. If you’re in pain or in need, you must rely on their expertise, which comes at a high price.

Imagine the horror, then, of seeking medical attention only to discover that the doctors actually made your condition worse — or were so negligent that they completely overlooked the thing that brought you there.

Sadly, that’s exactly what happens to patients across this country every single day.  Medical malpractice victims are often hardworking people who fall ill, incur an injury, or suffer from a disease, and they depend on doctors or nurses to stay healthy and alive.

Physicians are the only people with the knowledge and authority to prescribe drugs, administer life-saving medical interventions, and make formal diagnoses.

When they make crucial mistakes, either out of inexperience or carelessness, the impact on their patients can be devastating.

Medical malpractice is more common than you would think.  Hospitals are busy places where professionals rush around in a hurry.

Likewise, doctors often have numerous patients at any given time and cover for other doctors which can potentially lead to substandard care and treatment of their patients.

Further, many doctor’s offices push patients in and out so they can maximize profit.

Even worse, some medical offices are more concerned with protecting themselves and their budgets than they are with their patients’ health.

If you have suffered because a doctor or health professional made a medical mistake, you might have a case for financial compensation under Indiana medical malpractice law. The experienced team at Eskew Law can help.

Our Indianapolis medical malpractice lawyers provide aggressive and strategic legal representation to injured patients or their grieving families.

A skilled legal team can put you on equal footing so that these powerful health care providers don’t run over your rights. Attorney Chris Eskew and his team of legal professionals are here to help you maximize your compensation. Please contact our office to learn more today.

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Common Causes of Medical Malpractice in Indianapolis

Failure to Diagnose

When you visit a physician, you don’t necessarily know what’s wrong with you. In fact, you might not know that something’s wrong at all. But it’s a doctor’s job to figure that out.

Physicians have a duty to exercise reasonable care and uphold the standards of their profession, and that includes running the necessary tests to make an accurate diagnosis. They also have a duty to listen to their patients, examine them, and consider their symptoms carefully.

Missed diagnoses and misdiagnoses can be very dangerous. This includes diagnoses of cancer, heart disease, HIV, stroke, and other life-threatening conditions. If your doctor gave you the wrong diagnosis (or failed to diagnose you at all) and you suffered as a result, you may have a case.

Failure to Treat

Doctors also have a duty to treat their patients accurately and in accordance with the best practices of their profession. Even with the right diagnosis, patients will still suffer without the right treatment plan in place.

If your care provider failed to treat your condition, or if they put you on an inappropriate treatment plan, you may have a claim for medical malpractice.

Stroke Malpractice

Stroke is a common area of malpractice. Strokes are extremely serious. Even minor strokes can permanently compromise the victim’s quality of life. Receiving fast and effective treatment is crucial to a healthy prognosis.

Too often, doctors dismiss the possibility of stroke based on a patient’s age, general health, or symptoms. But strokes can happen to anyone, at any age, and do not always present classical symptoms.

If you or someone you love experienced a stroke, aneurysm, or other cerebral events, and a doctor failed to diagnose it (or otherwise failed to properly treat it), please contact our office right away.

Medication Errors

Doctors and pharmacists both have stern legal duties to ensure the medications they prescribe are safe and effective for the particular patient they are treating. Likewise, nurses must exercise due care in administering medications. Common medication errors include:

    • Giving too much or too little of a drug (e.g. overdose)

    • Adverse medication interactions

    • Prescribing dangerous medications for very young children

    • Failing to check a patient’s chart for medical history & past drug use

    • Prescribing addictive drugs to patients with a history of substance abuse

    • Administering to the wrong patient in a hospital or nursing home

    • Failing to follow dosage or usage instructions

    • Failing to monitor medications for adverse side effects or complications

Surgical Malpractice

Of the many medical mistakes that threaten patients, none are quite so frightening as mistakes made during surgery. Common examples of surgical malpractice include:

    • Leaving surgical tools or supplies inside the body after surgery

    • Operating on the wrong patient

    • Performing the wrong surgery

    • Accidentally cutting an artery or damaging an organ or nerve

    • Rushing through surgery resulting in damages

    • Causing permanent injury, disability, or paralysis during surgery

Anesthesiology Malpractice

Anesthesiologists have to be extremely careful when putting patients to sleep. There is a reason anesthesiology is such a highly specialized field of medicine. Most doctors are not permitted to put patients to sleep.

The amount of medicine must be just right. Too little can subject the patient to horrible pain and trauma. Too much can put patients in a coma or even kill them.

If a doctor negligently administered anesthesia — or if an unqualified doctor was allowed to sedate you or your family member — please contact the Indianapolis medical malpractice lawyers at Eskew Law right away.

Birth Injuries

Pregnancy, labor, and delivery require careful attention from doctors and nurses. Birth injuries are shockingly common, and birth mothers are vulnerable to illness and injury too. Common birth injuries in Indiana include:

    • Breech birth

    • Preeclampsia / Eclampsia

    • Dropping the baby

    • Shoulder dystocia

    • Brachial plexus injury

    • Erb’s palsy

    • Klumpke’s palsy

    • Birth asphyxia/oxygen deprivation

    • Failure to perform C-section / C-section negligence

Nursing Home Negligence & Abuse

Residents in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities are subjected to abuse with terrifying frequency.

The attorneys at Eskew Law are committed to holding negligent senior care providers accountable for the physical, financial, and emotional harm they cause. Learn more about our Indianapolis nursing home negligence representation.

Wrongful Death

Tragically, medical negligence sometimes results in a patient’s death. If your close relative or spouse died because of mistakes that a hospital or medical professional made, our office wants to help. Please contact us for a free case review as soon as possible.

FAQ: How Does Your Law Firm Handle Medical Malpractice Cases?

We believe in a thorough and aggressive approach to litigating “med-mal” cases (as they are sometimes called). The defendants are typically represented by large legal teams with substantial resources.

Our office has the experience, strategies, and resources necessary to effectively challenge them. We also offer the compassionate counsel you and your family need to stay strong.

Medical malpractice cases are some of the most challenging for victims. That’s why we only take cases with a real chance of success. Once we’re handling your case, you can count on us to work with outside experts, including physicians and/or forensic nurses as expert witnesses whenever appropriate.

We’ll leave no stone unturned in fighting for justice in your case. And along the way, you can count on us for honest and realistic advice that keeps your best interest in focus.

Free Case Review with Our Indianapolis Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Hiring the right team of attorneys can make all the difference in medical malpractice litigation. Let the medical malpractice lawyers in Indianapolis at Eskew Law fight for your rights.

Learn more about your options. There is no obligation and nothing to lose. Set up a free case review by calling 317-974-0177 or contacting us online right away.

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