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Should I Hire an Attorney for Misdemeanor Charges?

Published in Criminal Law on September 24, 2021.

Some individuals charged with a misdemeanor do not treat their misdemeanor charges as seriously as they should. As a result, individuals who were charged with misdemeanors occasionally try and defend themselves in court. This is not something our team at Eskew Law, LLC would recommend doing. Our Indiana criminal law attorneys understand the consequences of … continue reading

I Didn’t Commit the Crime . . . So Why Am I Responsible?

Published in Criminal Law on September 24, 2021.

The terms accomplices, accessories, and aiders and abettors are often used in referring to a concept known as “accomplice liability.”  Generally, this means that if you knowingly help another person commit a crime, you can also be held responsible for that crime, regardless of your role in it.  Accomplice liability allows a court to find … continue reading

Contested Divorce Versus Uncontested Divorce: What is the Difference?

Published in Family Law on September 24, 2021.

Indianapolis Family Law Attorney Handling Uncontested and Contested Divorces In many states there are two paths for divorce; contested and uncontested.  Indiana law does not recognize the difference, it is merely based upon how the litigants intend to conduct themselves in dividing their assets and debts. Court costs, filing fees, attorney document drafting fees and … continue reading

5 Tips when Hiring the Best Personal Injury Lawyer

Published in Personal Injury on September 24, 2021.

Nothing is more critical after an accident than your choice of a personal injury attorney. A good attorney can construct a solid case for compensation and negotiate a very favorable settlement. A good personal injury lawyer should also be prepared to go into court and defend your rights, if necessary. An inexperienced personal injury attorney, … continue reading

Common Car Accident Injuries

Published in Personal Injury on September 23, 2021.

When it comes to car accidents, even low-speed collisions have a chance of causing an injury. While many victims may notice their symptoms immediately following the accident, other injuries may not become apparent until days, weeks, or months later. Here are some of the most common car accident injuries that occur in collisions and the … continue reading

What Is the Average Personal Injury Settlement Amount?

Published in Personal Injury on September 23, 2021.

When pursuing a personal injury claim, many victims try to estimate the potential settlement amount of their case. Since every case is unique, it can be challenging to find an accurate calculation on your own. At Eskew Law, our personal injury attorneys can help identify the different aspects of your case that may affect your … continue reading

Everything You Need to Know About Indiana’s Concealed Carry Law

Published in Uncategorized on September 23, 2021.

Indiana Concealed Carry Law Indiana’s concealed carry license permits both open and concealed carry of handguns. The statutes are mute in regard to long guns. You do not need the permit to purchase a handgun in Indiana. You must carry the permit at all times while possessing a concealed handgun. Anyone with a permit can … continue reading

An Overview of the Indiana Age of Consent Laws

Published in Criminal Law on September 23, 2021.

A charge of sexual misconduct with a minor is a felony under Indiana law. A conviction could carry years of prison time and high fines. It could also mean irreparable damage to your personal life and reputation. A sex offense charge is a very serious matter and you need experienced, efficient counsel to help with … continue reading

Surety Bond vs. Cash Bond: What Are The Main Differences?

Published in Uncategorized on August 16, 2021.

No one wants to sit in jail if they do not have to, especially when they have not been convicted of a crime. Fortunately, when law enforcement charges someone with a crime, the court sometimes provides an option to release them as they await trial. They do this via several methods, including letting them out … continue reading

What Does It Mean to Be a Habitual Traffic Offender in Indiana?

Published in Criminal Law on August 14, 2021.

An Indiana habitual traffic offender, also known as a habitual traffic violator, is someone who has multiple traffic violations (usually serious ones) within a ten year period. If you are a habitual traffic offender, Indiana law directs the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) to suspend your license for 5 years, 10 years, or life. The … continue reading