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Navigating the complexities of the criminal justice system in Indianapolis requires the guidance of the best criminal defense lawyer.

Whether you’re facing charges for a misdemeanor or major felony, the impact on your life can be profound. Understanding the nuances of criminal law and ensuring your rights are protected is paramount.

It’s common to start searching for the best criminal defense lawyers with online directories and searches. Some search results claim to rank Indianapolis criminal defense lawyers based on their effectiveness in handling criminal defense cases.

However, it’s important to discern that these attorneys’ rankings often correlate more with their advertising spend than their actual success in defending against criminal charges.

Why Choose Eskew Law for Your Indianapolis Criminal Defense Lawyers

Eskew Law is dedicated to representing individuals facing criminal charges with the utmost commitment and professionalism. Our team, led by the best criminal defense attorneys, is well-versed in Indiana’s criminal laws.

Thanks to our strategic defense tactics and thorough understanding of the legal system, we consistently achieve favorable outcomes for our clients.

Why We Recommend Other Indianapolis, IN, Criminal Defense Lawyers

We recognize that Eskew Law might not always be the best match for every individual’s case. It is crucial for anyone accused of a crime to have legal representation that fits their unique needs.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of Indianapolis’s best criminal defense lawyers.

This selection includes respected colleagues with whom we have collaborated or admire for their skills, ethical standards, and successful case histories. There are many great lawyers in Indianapolis, and this list certainly does not cover all of them. 

1. Chris Eskew – Eskew Law 

Christopher Eskew founded Eskew Law in 2011. He has carved a niche by dedicating his entire practice to criminal and DUI defense, distinguishing himself with a hands-on, profoundly personalized approach to legal defense. His strategy involves understanding the intricate details of each case and prioritizing his clients’ individual goals and concerns. He ensures that every defense strategy is as unique as the person it represents.

Chris’s commitment to his clients and the field of criminal defense is reflected in his significant professional accolades. He has been recognized with Avvo’s Client Distinction Award, a testament to his exceptional client service and legal proficiency. Moreover, his skill in navigating the complex terrain of DUI defense has earned him a spot in The National Advocacy for DUI Defense’s Top 100 DUI Attorneys in Indiana. His inclusion in The National Trial Lawyers’ Top 100 Trial Lawyers underscores his skill and success in the courtroom.

2. Chas Hayes – Hayes Ruemmele LLC 

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Charles Hayes has distinguished himself as a formidable criminal defense attorney in Indianapolis. His extensive experience began with a seven-year tenure at the Marion County Public Defender Agency. His focus on major felony cases during the last five years equipped him with unparalleled litigation skills. In this capacity, Hayes demonstrated his adeptness at navigating the complexities of criminal law, successfully defending clients in a wide range of high-profile cases, including murder and serious drug offenses.

In 2011, Hayes transitioned to private practice. His legal prowess quickly propelled him to become a founding partner of Hayes Ruemmele LLC, where he continued to build on his reputation as a skilled trial attorney. Hayes’s ability to secure not-guilty verdicts in cases involving charges such as attempted murder, rape, and robbery is a testament to his tenacity and strategic insight.

Recognized for his contributions to the field, Hayes’s inclusion on the Super Lawyers list underscores his standing as a top-tier criminal defense attorney. 

3. Todd Sallee – Sallee Law, LLC 

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Todd L. Sallee brings nearly two decades of robust experience to criminal defense cases. Transitioning from a deputy prosecuting attorney, Sallee has an in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system from both sides of the courtroom. This dual perspective grants him the unique ability to evaluate cases with the insight of a prosecutor, affording his clients a significant advantage in crafting their defense.

Sallee’s commitment to his clients is unwavering and extensive, having tried hundreds of cases across various jurisdictions. Sallee’s experience spans from intricate DUI cases to high-profile matters, including murder and serious sex offense accusations. 

4. Joshua Moudy – Kammen & Moudy, LLC 

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Joshua Moudy brings a wealth of experience and a nuanced perspective to criminal defense matters. His legal journey, enriched by prior work with a broad spectrum of criminal cases from public intoxication to grave charges like murder, has imbued him with a profound understanding of the adversities those entangled in the criminal justice system face.

Moudy’s approach to legal defense is anchored in a staunch commitment to advocating for justice and a keen sensitivity to the distress and uncertainty inherent in facing criminal charges. Recognized for his outstanding contributions to criminal defense, Moudy has earned the distinction of being named a Super Lawyer, highlighting his standing among the top echelons of criminal defense attorneys. 

5. David E. Deal & Associates 

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David E. Deal served as a deputy prosecuting attorney in Marion County, where he showcased his adeptness in leading numerous trials and refining his litigation skills. In 2004, Deal embarked on private practice with a focus on aiding accident victims and defending individuals accused of crimes. His clients’ best interests are always his top priority as he fights relentlessly in court for the best possible outcome.  

His legal excellence has earned him spots on The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 and Top 40 Under 40 lists, as well as on the Super Lawyers Rising Stars and Super Lawyers lists. 

6. Kevin Potts – Potts Law LLC 

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Kevin Potts is a former major felony prosecutor turned criminal defense attorney. Potts’s tenure as a deputy prosecutor at the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office is highlighted by his involvement in nearly 200 criminal trials, ranging from minor misdemeanors to complex major felonies, such as murder and robbery.

His felony conviction rate is over 95%. Potts’ expertise is not limited to criminal law; he is also well-versed in OVWI and traffic citations, bolstered by specialized training and Continuing Legal Education in DUI defense. His commitment to excellence has earned him an ‘Excellent’ rating on Avvo, recognition by Super Lawyers, and the distinction of being named a Super Lawyers Rising Star in criminal defense. 

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Chris Eskew is the founding partner of Eskew Law. With over 15 years of experience, he focuses his practice on criminal defense, DUI defense, and family law. Chris is known for his dedication to his clients, his strong advocacy skills, and his commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes in legal matters. He is well-respected within the legal community and has earned a reputation for providing personalized and effective representation.