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Facing drug crime charges in Indianapolis can lead to severe consequences, making it crucial to find the best drug crime lawyer.

The complexities of drug laws and the legal system necessitate an attorney with specific experience in drug-related offenses. 

As you search for the best drug crime lawyers, you might first turn to online directories or a Google search. These platforms and various lists allege to rank attorneys based on their proficiency in handling drug crimes.

Unfortunately, the supposed best drug crime attorneys on these lists often appear there because of their marketing investment rather than their actual skills in drug crime defense.

Why Choose Eskew Law For Your Indianapolis Drug Crime Lawyers

At Eskew Law, we understand the stakes are incredibly high for anyone facing drug charges. Our commitment goes beyond legal defense; we prioritize your future and freedom.

Our team is led by attorneys who deeply understand Indiana’s drug laws and have a proven track record of successfully challenging these charges.

Why We Recommend Other Indianapolis, IN, Drug Crime Lawyers

Recognizing that our firm may not be the perfect fit for every case, we aim to ensure anyone facing drug crime charges in Indianapolis can access top-tier legal defense.

Therefore, we’ve curated a list of the city’s best drug crime lawyers, including esteemed colleagues we’ve worked alongside or hold in high regard based on their skills, ethics, and case results.

While Eskew Law, LLC is committed to defending your rights, our broader goal is to guide you toward the best possible legal support for your needs.

6 Best Drug Crime Lawyers 

1. Christopher Eskew – Eskew Law

Chris Eskew is the founding attorney of Eskew Law. His approach to criminal defense eschews the typical marketing gimmicks, focusing instead on a solid track record of success and a client-centered strategy. He meticulously crafts defense strategies tailored to each client’s unique situation, guided by their goals and priorities.

Since founding Eskew Law in 2011, Chris has dedicated 100% of his practice to criminal and DUI defense, earning a reputation as a tenacious defender of his clients’ rights. His accolades include Avvo’s Client Distinction Award, The National Trial Lawyers’ Top 100 Trial Lawyers, and The National Advocacy for DUI Defense’s Top 100 DUI Attorneys in Indiana. If you are looking for the best drug crime lawyer in Indianapolis, please contact us to schedule a consultation. 

2. Katie Jackson-Lindsay – Jackson Legal Services, P.C. 

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Katie Jackson-Lindsay is the founder of Jackson Legal Services, P.C. Katie initially honed her litigation skills as a Marion County Deputy Prosecutor, focusing on the Domestic Violence Unit & Major Felony Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit. This experience gave her invaluable insight into the criminal justice system, shaping her into a skilled litigator known for her tenacity in the courtroom.

Leveraging her extensive litigation experience and driven by a passion for serving the citizens of Indianapolis, Katie established her own law firm in 2013. Jackson Legal Services, P.C., has since evolved into a 100% criminal defense law firm. With over 65 jury trials and over 100 bench trials to her credit as lead counsel, Katie’s experience spans a wide range of criminal drug charges, from misdemeanors to multi-defendant conspiracy cases.

3. Chas Hayes – Hayes Ruemmele LLC 

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Charles Hayes is a prominent attorney with deep roots in Northern Indiana. Hayes dedicated seven years to working in the Marion County Public Defender Agency, specializing in major felony cases for the latter five. This period was characterized by his vigorous defense in dozens of jury trials, tackling a spectrum of charges from murder to high-level drug offenses, showcasing his capability to handle high-stakes litigation.

Transitioning to private practice, Hayes became an associate at Sweeney Law in 2011, quickly ascending to a founding partner of Hayes Ruemmele LLC. His reputation as a formidable trial attorney has only grown, with a notable record of securing not-guilty verdicts across major felony charges, including attempted murder, rape, and robbery. 

His commitment to legal excellence is further demonstrated by his participation in the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers’s (NACDL) inaugural White Collar College and the Indiana Public Defender Council Trial Institute. Hayes’s contributions to criminal law defense have also earned him a place on the prestigious Super Lawyers list. 

4. Joshua Moudy – Kammen & Moudy, LLC 

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Joshua Moudy is a distinguished attorney at Kammen & Moudy, LLC. Before teaming up with Richard Kammen, Moudy served a diverse clientele, ranging from cases of public intoxication to more severe charges such as rape, robbery, and murder. This experience deepened his understanding of individuals’ multifaceted challenges in the criminal justice system.

Moudy’s practice is driven by a deep commitment to justice and an acute awareness of the turmoil and uncertainty accompanying criminal investigations. Moudy has been invited to share his knowledge at various forums, mentoring other attorneys on effective case handling. He’s also been selected as a Super Lawyer and is a proud National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers member. 

5. James Voyles – Voyles Vaiana Lukemeyer Baldwin & Webb

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James Voyles has been a cornerstone of his firm since 1968, drawing from a rich background that includes serving as a law clerk to Indiana Attorney General John J. Dillon. His legal experience extends beyond Indiana, representing clients across a swath of the United States, from Colorado to Pennsylvania. 

Voyles’s commitment to the legal profession and his community is evident through his active involvement and leadership within the Indianapolis Bar Association, where he has served as vice president and president, earning the Hon. Paul Buchanan Award in 2011 for his contributions. His memberships span prestigious organizations, including the American College of Trial Lawyers, the American Board of Criminal Lawyers, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, showcasing his respect and standing among his peers.

Voyles’s professional excellence is recognized with an AV rating by Martindale-Hubbell, consistent listings in Woodward White’s Best Lawyers in America for criminal law, and recipient of the Indiana State Bar Association General Practice Hall of Fame Award. 

6. Ginny Maxwell – Ginny Maxwell 

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Ginny Maxwell has dedicated over a decade to vigorously defending her clients. She’s built a reputation for handling some of the most challenging cases with precision and a deep understanding of criminal law nuances. Her experience has led to a track record of successfully navigating hundreds of defense cases, making her a trusted advocate for those facing criminal charges.

Ginny is renowned for her meticulous approach to case discovery. She adeptly identifies the right questions to construct a formidable defense strategy. Her negotiation skills are unmatched, and she always provides her clients with a strong presence in the courtroom.

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