Eskew Law Scholarship for Children of Convicted Felons

We cannot understate the significance of continuing education. Unfortunately, there are many children whose life experiences potentially jeopardize the educational opportunities available to them.

Children are our greatest resource. It is of the utmost importance that as a nation, we invest in the future of all children. We must consider those whose futures are at risk due to unfavorable circumstances at home.

For this reason, Eskew Law is proud to offer a $1,500 scholarship for college-bound or current college students who are children of convicted felons.

To apply, write a 500-word essay sharing your story.  Answer the prompt: How has being a child of a convicted felon impacted your life and what has your parent’s conviction taught you?

Once all submissions have been received, the Indianapolis criminal defense attorneys at Eskew Law will review each entry and award a $1,500 scholarship to the one applicant who best demonstrates how being a child of a convicted felon has influenced their life and what they have learned as a result of their parent’s conviction. The scholarship can be applied towards any school-related costs, such as tuition, boarding, school supplies, or books.

To Be Eligible, A Participant Must:

  • Graduated high school by the summer of 2024 and currently enrolled in an accredited technical school, college, or university in the U.S.;
  • Or applicants have been enrolled in an accredited technical school, college, or university in the U.S. prior to the fall 2023 semester.
  • Have proof of citizenship;
  • Be the child of a parent who has a felony conviction;
  • Maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.0 (or equivalent); and
  • Submit a 500-word essay.

To Apply, A Participant Must:

  • Submit a 500-word essay as a Microsoft Word Doc or PDF by July 31, 2024;
  • Provide his/her first and last name, email address, home address, and phone number listed at the beginning of the essay;
  • Include a copy of his/her transcript or any form of attendance verification at an accredited postsecondary institution; and
  • Submit documented proof confirming his or her parent’s felony conviction.

Please Note:

  • No printed applications;
  • We will not accept any CD-ROMs, letters of recommendation, tax returns, bank balances, resumes, or CVs;
  • Do not call or email asking where to send submissions.

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